(L-R) Lyle, Emily, Clara, and Alexandra

(L-R) Lyle, Emily, Clara, and Alexandra

About Us

At Alaska Skookum Guides, we believe in conservation, quality of service, and long-term investment in the land and in our wildlife for the benefit of future generations. We pledge to provide you with a safe and unparalleled adventure in these wild places and want you to be completely satisfied with your hunt. We are absolutely committed to a naturalist appreciation of the land and the unique environment we are hunting, to a respect for the game we hunt, and to enthusiastic fair chase.

As fellow adventurers and hunters, we share your passion for the outdoors with years of experience in Alaska's lands.

A native of Ohio, Lyle grew up hunting, trapping, fishing and roaming the hardwoods of the Midwest. Adventure, wanderlust and opportunity brought him to Alaska during his college years, where he since made his home and met his wife, Alexandra. Born and raised in Alaska, Alexandra shares Lyle's love of the outdoors as she also grew up hunting, hiking, and fishing in her great state.

Lyle began his guiding career in 2005 and received his Registered Guide and Outfitter license in 2009. In 2014, he was awarded a special use concession permit area on the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge and in 2016, purchased half of John Peterson’s business in the Brooks Range (after guiding eight years for him). This enabled him to receive a special use permit in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). In 2018, he acquired an additional area in ANWR held by long-time guide and Alaskan artist Sandy Jamieson. Lyle spends over 100 nights a year on the ground in a sleeping bag. We are privileged to have access to guide hunts in over 1.3 million acres of special permitted wilderness lands.

At Alaska Skookum Guides, it is our privilege to share our passion with you as we facilitate adventure in Alaska’s wilderness. Contact us to learn more about how you can have the experience of a lifetime.