Arctic Grizzly Bear


The Arctic Beast

Known for the unique variations in their color patterns, long and thick hair, and impressive claws, Arctic Grizzlies are beautiful animals with a fascinating adaptability to their landscape.

We offer hunts in the Brooks Range in the spring of odd-numbered years and every fall. Spring hunts take place late May through early June. At this time, the boars are in rut, ranging farther than usual and looking for sows. Fall hunts take place late August through mid September. Both hunts are "spot-and-stalk" style that is very glassing-intensive and may require long hikes over open terrain.

In the fall hunt only, caribou may be added for a $4,000 trophy fee. We also offer a combination moose/grizzly/caribou hunt in the first half of September every year. For our spring hunts only, we offer a 2 on 1 package that is a great option if you wish to hunt with a friend or family member. In addition, wolves may be hunted in spring and fall for no added fee.

1 on 1 hunts are 10 hunting days and 12 total trip days.

2 on 1 hunts are 12 hunting days and 14 total trip days.

Price List

All hunts are conducted in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


10-day Arctic Grizzly Bear
1 on 1 hunt runs late Aug-mid Sept every year or late May
of odd # years. Caribou may be added to fall hunts.

$15,500 ea

12-day Arctic Grizzly Bear 2 on 1 hunt (2 hunters, 1 guide); only available late May of odd # years. Price is per person with party of 2.


14-day Combo Arctic Grizzly, Moose & Caribou
1 on 1 hunt runs Sept 1-14.
Can be float or stationary camp hunt.

See here for a full price list.