Discover Adventure in Alaska's Wilderness


At Alaska Skookum Guides, we specialize in unparalleled adventure in wild places. Like the generations of hunters and adventurers who have gone before us, we understand your passion for hunting is about exploration, discovery, and a love of untamed places as much as it is the search for your animal.

Alaska, the "Last Frontier," is America's true wilderness, set apart for its uniquely untamed landscape and vast expanses of wild places. It is here that we guide our hunts. Working on special permit Federal Refuge lands, Alaska Skookum Guides can offer you an experience enjoyed by only a few, with the sights and sounds of a landscape as pristine as it is vast.

Interested in the Alaskan adventure you always dreamed of? We offer hunts in Alaska's arctic, on the south slope of the Brooks Range, and on the Alaska Peninsula. Scroll down to read more about the species we guide, or click here to learn more about us and our passion for guiding in Alaska's wilderness.


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Caribou are the iconic migrators of Alaska. Remarkable in their versatility and the vast territories they cover in their migration patterns, they truly are remarkable animals to see. In the Brooks Range, we hunt the Porcupine herd, Alaska's largest and strongest caribou herd.

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Arctic Grizzly

Known for the unique variations in their color patterns, Arctic grizzlies are beautiful animals with a fascinating adaptability to their landscape. Smaller than their peninsula cousins, they are nonetheless impressive animals.

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The largest deer in North America, moose claim a size and scale that is all their own with an imposing presence that is impressive to see. In Alaska's arctic, we hunt some of the finest examples of this species in Alaska.

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Peninsula Brown Bear

The Alaska Peninsula Brown bear lays claim to records on par with Kodiak and Katmai. Commanding in their size, a hunt for one of them is truly a humbling and adventurous experience.

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